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Distributed Database Systems

Distributed Database Systems

This post explains the basics of distributed systems, defines what a distributed database system is, and demonstrates its three main types: mirroring, replication, and fragmentation. This post also concludes with a simple example of a real-life distributed database system that we use every day. Distributed Systems The first thing that comes to mind, when discussing …

6 key elements for successful e-learning
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6 key elements for successful e-learning

Using technology in education has been around for years, but it is still a major challenge to many schools, institutions, teachers, and students. That’s due to the huge resistance by some traditional communities who still prefer the face to face education. Many entities or enterprises still do not recognize online education as a formal one. …

Top programming languages on GitHub
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The best programming language

“What’s the best programming language?” is a very common argument between developers that can go back forever. Each claim his/her programming language performs the best. For example, even though Java and C# have a lot in common; both are object-oriented languages, both are compiled to an intermediate language then interpreted with a just in time …