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Algorithm design, from static to dynamic.
Business Code

Algorithm design, from static to dynamic.

Algorithm design is ignored by many, especially new programmers who tend to jump immediately into the code for any problem they are trying to solve without prior understand or proper analysis of the problem in hand. Regardless of its magnitude, jumping directly into “coding” is not always recommended. It is the superpower that they have …

stack and queue

Computer data structures: Stacks and Queues

Stacks and Queues are common computer data structures in almost all operating systems, if not all computer programs heavily rely on at least one of them. In abstract, both are a type of linked-lists; a linked list is a dynamic data structure, unlike arrays that have limited capacity and few inefficient data manipulation techniques. The linked …

Top programming languages on GitHub
Code Technology

The best programming language

“What’s the best programming language?” is a very common argument between developers that can go back forever. Each claim his/her programming language performs the best. For example, even though Java and C# have a lot in common; both are object-oriented languages, both are compiled to an intermediate language then interpreted with a just in time …

Deadlock example
Code Technology

Deadlocks, what are they and how to avoid them.

The operating system is the software that manages how the CPU interacts with the available devices, resources (such as memory and storage) to perform the required task (sending an email or printing a document). The applications in your PC, MAC, or mobile phone all work the same way. They need to perform a specific task …

No estimate software development

No Estimates Software Development

Have you heard of the No Estimates Software Development approach? Software development, in general, can go messy as you can imagine, that is why we have rules, processes, and tools to help small and large teams control code quality and timed delivery. The key asset to a proper software plan is estimating how long a …


Thanks to chkdsk command

Some times small things can fix big problems. We have an Arabic proverb that says: A stone that you do not like might hurt you. I had accidentally unplugged the power of my PC at the office while it’s running. At first, I thanked GOD that I wasn’t in the middle of a long programming …