Top programming languages on GitHub

“What’s the best programming language?” is a very common argument between developers that can go back forever. Each claim his/her programming language performs the best.

For example, even though Java and C# have a lot in common; both are object-oriented languages, both are compiled to an intermediate language then interpreted with a just in time interpreter, and both use a garbage collector to manage the memory. They are both designed with portability in mind. Still, developers of both languages have much argument about which is better, more performant, increased demand, and adoption.

The chart above shows the most popular languages among developers in 2019 that was committed to GitHub, the number open-source repository. The top 5 languages are:

  • JavaScript
  • Python
  • Java
  • PHP
  • C#

You can see more details about this chart here. If you are still new to programming, you can start with your traditional “Hello World” Sample.

This is still not an indication of the actual application performance written in that language.

The Answer

The answer for which programming language is the best is always decided not with the language itself, but with what we can do with it, what applications can it build? and what support does it have by the community?

Personally, I think almost all modern programming languages, whether object-oriented or procedural can handle all kinds of application requirements for the web, mobile, and the cloud. Maybe with minor preferences or performance differences.

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