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Working from Home? Technology to the rescue

Working from home?

Working from home?

Nowadays, with the unfortunate spread of the COVID-19 virus, governments asked citizens to stay at home for at least two weeks, companies allow employees to work from home when possible, and schools moved online. Prior to this pandemic, people’s perception of everything online, that it is a second-grade citizen. Working from home was considered a luxury that some companies offer as perks to attract excellent calibers. The same was true regarding education; schools rarely offered standard accredited, fully online learning.

Technology to the rescue

Governments, Companies, Schools, and universities turned to technology to overcome such tough situations; I am going to explore a few examples that I witnessed during the past week:

Other scenarios

Let’s take this to the other extreme, no internet, no technology, no work from home option. What would you think we humans will do? I can’t think of a good scenario.

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