Mobile app development with Xamarin

.NETConf an online event that happened yesterday that focused only on Xamarin, the mobile development framework that allows .net developers to build Android and iOS mobile applications delivering native performance.

I wanted to highlight some of the good numbers that indicate huge growth in the adoption of .net and Microsoft technologies and development stack :

  • One million new .net developers in 2019 using Visual Studio, 40% are students.
  • The open-source .net ecosystem has 87%, non-Microsoft contributors. They don’t work for Microsoft, but still, Microsoft accepted their more than 11,000 push requests.
  • Visual Studio 2019 is now easier than ever to use and 2x faster to install with only 6GB compare to the 23GB of the 2017 version.

The event was 9 hours of community members, MPVs, and Product team; it is designed for new developers as well as experts, it covers the basics, UI, testing, performance, marketing and more. Feel free to watch the full event:

Did you attend the event already? are you a .net or Xamarin developer? Learned something new today? Let me know.

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