Technology Users vs. Experts

Using technology and computers nowadays became a necessity in everybody’s life, people developed the needed basic computer skills by daily practicing using software, computers, smartphones, or any other smart device. Over the years, hardware became more integrated, compact, and affordable, software and operating systems matured and offered a very friendly user interface and smoother user experience than before.

Technology Users vs. Experts

Having said that, I see that end-users are not required to understand the comprehensive know-how of how the CPU and the Cache communicate or what’s the difference between a process and thread, just to give few examples. On the other hand, industry experts must have their hands dirty on every aspect of it; this is not an easy thing to do as the innovation wheel is running faster than light.

In my work, I always and probably you too encounter IT professionals, SW developers, or managers who have some technical gaps. They either stopped learning at a particular time or jumped to the computer industry from the end-users circle.

In short, you can’t become a cardiologist the next day you watch the surgery. Officially, you are allowed to pass your driving test and get a license and drive, but it does not help when you have a flat tire. The same applies to computers when solving an issue, debugging applications, brainstorming ideas, etc. In the end, it all translates to bits and bytes, zeros, and ones.

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