Some times small things can fix big problems. We have an Arabic proverb that says: A stone that you do not like might hurt you.

I had accidentally unplugged the power of my PC at the office while it’s running. At first, I thanked GOD that I wasn’t in the middle of a long programming task. I plugged the power again and started the PC. Unfortunately, the windows couldn’t start at all, even in safe mode. After a while, I decided to use the Windows XP CD, but I don’t know why the setup couldn’t read the file system on drive C and suggested to format this drive even when I tried to install a new Windows version on drive D. Of course, I will never format a drive while I don’t have a recent backup of the data.

As a final solution, I selected the Repair option using the Console during the Windows XP setup. A DOS cmd was launched, I couldn’t access c drive, and I get a file corrupted message, but when I tried CHKDSK command to check C for errors, I was surprised that it could be able to start and check the disk for errors.

When restarting, then everything was alright. Thanks chkdsk, you save my PC. To read more about the check disk command, click here.

Have you experienced any similar issues? what solution saved your day?