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Not every blog starts with “Hello World” unless you are a developer. If you are not, or you do not know what does it mean, this is how us “developers” test code. In other words, when we read this phrase, that’s when we know that our code is working. Again, Hello World is the developer’s way to test everything.

It first debuted back in 1972 within a tutorial for the programming language “B”. Yes, it is not that common. To know the top used programming languages, you can read my recent post.

You can read the initial story here and see how to write “Hello World” in almost all the available programming languages https://www.helloworld.org

Bill gats started his twitter account more than ten years ago with the famous tweet.

This blog started back in 2007 when I was a senior Computer System Engineering student, it was a way to document new things that I learn about C# and .NET. It helped me get my first job.

Today, this blog, Code + Business, highlights topics of both low-level geeky code and high-level business and strategy stuff, and somewhere in between bridging the gap between both worlds.

Expect some HTML, code and a lot of technical discussion in an abstract way that will interest you.

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Did you use to use a different phrase when you first learned programming? Feel free to share in the comments.

This blog post has been edited several times since 2007 to reflect my career and experience.

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